Our Services

We’d love to break it down for you. We begin with identifying your needs based on function, lifestyle, culture, budget, and scheduling. Once your needs are addressed, we get to enjoy a phase of conceptual design by establishing options relating to space planning, lighting, materials, and furniture.

Once we have conceptualized the space of your dreams, we dig into the details of estimating the work involved, vendors to include, and begin implementing the construction. Often, this implementation process can be improperly managed, so we proactively seek ways to avoid unneeded stress and remedy the unexpected. ANJO Designs offers tremendous value on each project by navigating decisions with the multiple vendors, adhering to timelines and budget, and addressing quality concerns.

Voila! Once the dirt is completely cleaned up, we ensure your final design is bringing you as much joy and function as initially intended. ANJO Designs checks in with clients after move-in, offering maintenance advice, care instructions, and even tours of the new space to increase awareness of how to best enjoy it.

Design Services

Residential & Commercial Interior Design for New Construction
Interior Design for new construction allows ANJO Designs to be your designer, adding navigation to the new construction process. Beginning with conceptual design and establishing the client needs, through making final selections, to ending with client occupancy of the space and ensuring you are beyond satisfied with the quality and craftsmanship delivered.


Remodel Ideas for Residential & Commercial
Understanding options and reasoning for remodel is a big question, and we help answer that. Working through the process and knowing how to navigate initial design and layout options of your space allows for a quality implementation. Remodels don’t have to be overwhelming with ANJO Designs on your team.


Cost Projecting per Project
Setting expectations and helping clients determine how much a project will cost is an important part of design. We talk about functional design and budgets to then collaborate with our trade partners, as well as our in-house experts, to help clients understand potential costs.


Specialty Services
ANJO Designs is passionate to help clients with large and smaller scale projects. From Paint and Décor to acting as an Owners Representative though the entire New Construction process, we are able to partner with our clients adding value and professionalism to navigate the road of design and construction. We help with: paint, décor selections, space planning, window coverings, custom furniture, lighting selections, plumbing selections, material selections for flooring and walls, cabinets etc.


ANJO Designs places an extremely high value on our trusted trade partners. We have experts who we recommend that will ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded. Our clients leverage these industry relationships, local and out-of-state, to ensure all needs of the project are met.

Staging Services

Conference calls available for quick scheduling at a low cost. Sellers/Brokers may upload 5-10 photos of main rooms for review.


Staging To Sell
On-site assessment with immediate feedback and documentation of suggested changes to prepare the property for sale.


Staging To Sell – Implementation Support
This add-on to the Staging To Sell service allows us to help you apply the suggested changes to the property. Some examples are rearranging furniture, decoration, separating storage and staging décor items for cleaning up the space.


Re-Design To Sell
Professional guidance on interior and exterior updates needed to enhance listing value. We offer a long list of qualified industry partners to complete the suggested design updates.


Photo Ready
We’ll be on site during your photography session to offer additional assistance in final staging details before and during the shoot. We’ll also work with the photographers to capture the best lighting and angles as the photos are the most effective tool in marketing a property.


Paint Colors
Our design team selects paint colors for your home to rejuvenate the appearance of an interior or exterior space. We also have qualified painting partners to recommend for the job.